Ilahism in Nursafardiyya teaching

Divine, authenticity, purpose and conclusion

All this exists and comes from the worlds, on our planet, in the society, in the person, in the constant changes and obstacles and are improving.

The way to creation and eternity consists of 3 stages.

This is related to the society and the person.

They are:

  • Animal stage – close to nature (“Borga yakin”);
  • Moral stage – closer to knowledge (“Ilmal yakin”);
  • Spiritual stage – the closest to the perfection of soul and mind (“Aynal yakin”).

Our planet and all its existence has the first and the second level and aims to reach to the third stage.

If we consider the first stage as a primitive stage, then the second one is straight the formulation of the person, society, state, language, family and religions.

The technical – technological development somehow slowed down the direction of development of the third stage, which is the level of mind and consciousness.

This process began to stop step to human perfection, which is as going closer to Creator. Falsification (lies, hypocrisy) became everyday habits.

If we compare this three levels with personality, those who are filled with selfishness and avarice can be referred to the animal level.

The morality level is related with religion, the ideal society, the true lifestyle.

The aim of the spiritual stage is search of the way to Allah, in the direction of the development of thinking (consciousness). This way of spiritual perfection is the way to Sufism and philosophy.

Regretfully, the development of the second and the third stage is suspended by the first one that prevails and decides for them.

The main purpose of this website is giving help to those who aim to perfection without intermediaries, to determine the path to spirituality and to give an explanation of concepts like God, divine, ilahism at the level of “Hakkul yakin”. Provision is also made to help eliminate duality in thinking, religious degradation, radical views, obstacles on the way to spiritual perfection. That is, the assistance on the way to the fourth level – divine.

If at the third level, the person receives external help, advice, experience, knowledge, secular inspiration, then on the fourth level of divine it would be alone. The person only being so self-confident and in his/her thoughts with the help of divine inspiration and perfection can achieve the set goals. To get to this point a complex and constant work on oneself is required.

The doctrine of Nursafardiyya is formed by the energies of the holy Sufis, the practice and the knowledge of the ancestors, the big and complex breaking of the third level to pass to the fourth, which is the divine stage. Indeed, after Sufism, the path to the divine perfection and the divine world is leading to divine.

The divine is a secret level. It is to be able to find oneself, to find Ilah (Creator), to create a perfect body, to move His energy into “moviyat”, and to become a particle in it, to be able to traveling in His created worlds and to fall into the arms of eternity.

May God give you inspiration and patience to you while reading and understanding the materials of the website.