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Qatron. Sufiy school of perfection

From the Nursafardiyya teaching
Release year: 2007 Date of allocation: Oct 18, 2018

As was shown by scientists, the deepest roots of progress and development lie in the territory that is now called Uzbekistan. This was shown by many treasures found by archaeologists in this land. Among them are the bones of the oldest person, found in the ossary in Obirahmat. Interest in the cultural heritage and in the history of our land is still growing, and now scientists of other countries are also taking part. So we can surely say that our land has not only played a role in global progress and development but has provided its basis and is its cradle.

Power points dependant on a river shape in Nursafardiyya medicine

Nuru Nursafardiy
Release year: 2006 Date of allocation: May 22, 2018

Nursafardiyya teaching is described as a science of completion - fourteen river shaped sea shapes, in Sufi philosophy. One of its 33 hidden sciences is used in Sufi medicine also. As this teaching states, there are fourteen inner power centers on the body of a man. These centers are able to collect positive and negative information in them, keep it and use it when necessary in practice.

Traditional national values and “Qatron sufi school of perfection”

Nuru Nursafardiy
Release year: 2006 Date of allocation: Apr 25, 2018

The Turk’s land is a sacred area, the motherland of great saints. It is said that it is this place where God has put his eye on. It is our duty to cherish the earth of this land, our national traditions and customs, to keep the historical treasures in such a clear state, that the future generation receives them with no changes. We owe it and this is our duty. Only a person who is physically healthy and mentally strong can have a warm feeling for his motherland and protect the mortal valuables. The protection of national traditions, opening of their new beautiful sides, their modernization and improvement is very important. And also, the fact that “Qatron Sufi School of Perfection” was established, is a necessary spiritual need for our land.

The informational power sources in Nursafardiyya teaching

Nuru Nursafardiy
Release year: 2006 Date of allocation: Apr 25, 2018

When we hear the word source, we imagine richness and wealth, but we don’t even think that the core meaning of the word is the source of life power. We don’t think about the power source given to us by Allah - The Almighty, by our parents and surrounding nature. In fact, the life itself would not exist without these sources.

It is not about the sources of the wealth, valuables, jewelry, clothes we are talking about. Our aim is to talk about the sources, the essence of which is not understood by people yet. It is not going to be understood without the divine knowledge.

Towards Divine!

Nuru Nursafardiy
Release year: 2018 Date of allocation: Apr 16, 2018

The final result of the humanity is already defined by the Creator in the moment of creation.

The body, the essence, the spirit and the divine are inseparably connected with each other, their level and perfection depend on the person, his/her inner culture, activities and conscience, relation with the Creator.

14 steps towards perfection

From the Nursafardiyya teaching
Release year: 2009 Date of allocation: Apr 16, 2018

Sufi is the one who is on the path of God and who has reached him. His destination is where two rivers of the good and the evil, the truth and the deceit, cold and heat are connected. It is never easy for the person connected to the truth. He starts being responsible for the smallest element and the largest galaxies, meaning the whole space. A devoted person starts feeling himself responsible for every process happening now and in the future. Sufi people reach not only philosophical or scientific development using their perfection, but also they examine physical opportunities of a person and reach high levels in this practice. Here it is enough just to remember the lives of such great people Najmiddin Kubro, Pahlavon Mahmud, and Pahlavon Muhammad.