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The crisis of human discoveries | Videobook (in Uzb.lang.)

Date of allocation: May 23, 2020

How will the twenty-first century be? Can human discoveries save the world? Will our discoveries lead to self-destruction?

The Divine Matrix | Videobook (in Uzb.lang.)

Date of allocation: May 17, 2020

What is the Divine Matrix? How to establish a relationship with the Divine Matrix? Is there knowledge in the Koran which is beyond our consciousness?

For the Truth – be righteous | Videobook (in Uzb.lang.)

Date of allocation: May 9, 2020

Who is the righteous? At what level is his relationship with God? Who are the enemies of the "black forces"?

Will divine thinking of Ilah win or... Did everybody come from Allah?.. | Videobook (in Uzb.lang.)

Date of allocation: May 3, 2020

Who started ruling us? Are there other powers than Allah? How this decline will end?

The secret conversation with invisible internal and external entities | Videobook (in Uzb.lang.)

Date of allocation: Apr 29, 2020

How does God rule us? The world of all worlds is inside us. Why God created seven bodies in human?

Nursafardiyya divine philosophy | Videobook (in Uzb.lang.)

Date of allocation: Apr 26, 2020

Can worldly philosophy guide humanity in the right way? What is divine philosophy needed for? How to protect a person from the negative forces?

Who needs for our Earth? Do we need to ourselves? | Videobook (in Uzb.lang.)

Date of allocation: Apr 20, 2020

Does humanity today have more positive qualities or negative ones? Why unified creation of all existing on this Earth was subjected to discord and confusion? Who creates threat and fear at the core of our universe? Why is it said that Islam is the last religion and the prophet Muhammad is the last of the prophets?

Sufism in the context of divine energy (in French language)

Date of allocation: Nov 22, 2018

Interview of Sufiy tabib Nursafardiy given to the doctor Gisela Hemmerli (Switzerland) from the film “Ziyorat – pilgrimage to little known Sufi places in Uzbekistan”, 26.09.2006 y.

From Isfahan to Samarkand (von Isfahan nach Samarkand)

Date of allocation: Oct 9, 2018

A joint documentary film of the European-wide channels “Arte”, “Zdf” and “Zdf enterprise” about the activities of Sufiy tabib Nursafardiy in Uzbekistan.

Nursafardiyya secret knowledge and super-capabilities

Date of allocation: Jul 24, 2018

The news of the divine inspiration received by Sufiy Tabib Nursafardiy in August 2010.