Who needs our Earth? Do we need to ourselves?

Date of allocation: Apr 16, 2020

The present fragment of the text (in Uzbek language) is taken from the works in 30 volumes of "The Divine Philosophy of Nursafardiyya", 14th volume.

The present fragment of the text is taken from the works in 30 volumes of "The Divine Philosophy of Nursafardiyya", book-1, pp. 2-8

Date of allocation: Apr 6, 2020

The teacher said: «Do not ask God to put everyone on the right way, consider that then it may not be enough place for you, there is also a limited space.»

Let us now focus on the main goal. Many of them who don’t believe and those who believe in God and their future home. In the soul of these that speak that they believe in God – there is no sincerity and no action. And what do the people that believe in Him and dedicated their life to Him need to do? Do they need to live in this world or do they have another way?

When on the Earth appeared the humanity after Adam and Eve there was the philosophical life. Afterwards there was introduced the polytheistic system and at last humanity aims to religion through the prophets as the human strives for perfection. Now, why did this humanity allow itself the material world and started to forget God?

Purpose of Nursafardiyya

Date of allocation: Apr 6, 2018

Nursafardiyya is not in religion, is not in the way of spiritual perfection (tarikat), is not in philosophy, it is the way of life of the person, staring at the world, the sky of God, in order to achieve the level of perfection, that he gains through God, the Truth and the Ilah, and creates the inner divine that penetrates in the beauty of the non-being and transforms the human qualities into divine. Nursafardiyya can be the food in any direction.

Dear readers of!

Date of allocation: Apr 6, 2018

Dear readers of!

The main goal of Nursafurdiyya’s teaching was to propagate the perfection of Sufism sent by God to the people, to show humanity the essence, the knowledge and the practice of this level.

Of course, everyone who is familiar with this doctrine takes the necessary knowledge at his own stage and level of inner comprehension and will use it in one’s own life.