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Announcements Date of allocation: Apr 6, 2018

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The main goal of Nursafurdiyya’s teaching was to propagate the perfection of Sufism sent by God to the people, to show humanity the essence, the knowledge and the practice of this level.

Of course, everyone who is familiar with this doctrine takes the necessary knowledge at his own stage and level of inner comprehension and will use it in one’s own life.

Sufism was the perfect stage in the teaching of Nursafardiyya. Now its goal is the developing of its ideas and knowledge and practice as well as the use of all these towards the divine. The doctrine of Nursafardiyya was based on theoretical and practical knowledge of the famous Sufis, holy people, scientists, philosophers, and this way it got constantly enriched with mastery and energy of Zikr coming from the knowledge of the ancestors. This teaching became subject of discussion in society, in families and among the people. It has undergone conflicts, it has become the goal of criticism and at the same time it has become tempered and rooted in the hearts of many people as a vital stimulus and way of life.

Now Nursafardiyya set a goal to go beyond this, a higher aim to the stage of divinity and make it reachable to everyone with the speed of information.

The Divine is hidden and exclusively at the highest level. Similar to the infiniteness of the universe, it has indeed no end, but there is a way to achieve perfection, the universe, the unique power. This is exactly the goal of Nursafardiyya.

In religion people are like slaves to God, while in Sufism the person is as a friend to God, and knows His secrets. In the divine realm, a person is perceived by Creator as the Divine Light i.e. light in the vacuum, as beauty.

At this level the person is unified with the essence of God, and becomes a traveler among the worlds of Creator.

The person acquires the possibility to obtain in his whole life His strength, His light and His energy. This way the person comprehends the secrets of the universe, which cannot be reached with only human’s knowledge or spirit, and therefore he feels that he’s in the divine.

Time has come to create inside the soul a divine emptiness in order to fill it with only nice energies and the presence of Ilah. This is why we are launching the new website “” to have a view of the divine.