Towards Divine!

Instructions for those who look for the divine in the flawless perfection – in the divine, for the non-being – in the being, for the being – in the non-being.
Nuru Nursafardiy
Brochures Release year: 2018 Date of allocation: Apr 16, 2018
Attention! You must read this article in original Uzbek version because in it there are some words, phrases and expressions very difficult to translate.
The level and the place in the divine world is waiting for you

The final result of the humanity is already defined by the Creator in the moment of creation.

The body, the essence, the spirit and the divine are inseparably connected with each other, their level and perfection depend on the person, his/her inner culture, activities and conscience, relation with the Creator.

If we take into account how a human is created – the availability of eighteen thousand elements, the lymph system, the extension from 8 to 12 km, the daily blood renewal from 300 to 700 mL, and feeding with it the God creation of 8 bodies of the human being, increasing or decreasing the uric acid in the blood, negative or positive enrichment of the lymph system, the cells, etc. and all outside and inside in the inner processes is controlled by God in the name of perfection, we are not able to understand how the person would be, since his/her birth: rich or poor, happy or unhappy, leader or simple person, with long or short life.

Interpretation: 1

First. There are factors that may influence the skills and the success of the person:

  • 1) Enrichment of the microflora in the colon;
  • 2) Reduced uric acid in the blood;
  • 3) Uniqueness of the information in the lymph system that works on the blood;
  • 4) Impact of the spleen on these processes;
  • 5) Non-standard information for the spiritual level.

Second. There are 4 levels in the person:

  • 1) Physical – works with the water system of the body;
  • 2) Physiological – the body is activated by the blood system;
  • 3) Informative – the information in the lymph system. Accordingly its length is 12 km in women and 8 km in men. Therefore, boys should be given independece and responsibility at 8 years of age, while 12 years for girls;
  • 4) Spiritual – connected with the person’s cells.

The person goes through these levels during his/her lifespan. From 9 to 11 months in the mother’s womb, until 25 years it is in the blood system, until 80 it is in the lymph system, after 80 it is in the cells’ system. This is the preparation for the other world.

Third. Everyday from 300 mL to 700 mL of new blood appears in the human body. The human essence, as mentioned before, is made up of 8 bodies: physical, physiological, ethereal, astral, mental, abstract thinking, spiritual thinking and finally the spiritual state. The old, used blood or the one enriched with the information from the whole body transforms into other elements, it is transferred to the higher bodies. Interesting, but what is given to God – the bodies with the enriched blood!!? More about this later…

Fourth. In his/her life cycle the person has three positive-negative information:

  • 1) Fate given by God;
  • 2) Heredity information passed from the ancestors;
  • 3) Information collected in daily life.

The person needs to accept all these three information in order to achieve perfection.

Fifth. People are not aware in which period they live.

Before our time there was the ice age, the stone age and so on. What period is it now? In the 20th century Professor Zalmanov claimed in his unrepeatable and rather incomprehensible manuscripts that the 21st century would be the information period and the lymph system of the person’s body would go to the third level.

Sixth. For balance of the person’s fate, God distributed the positive and the negative, the good and the bad, the heat and the cold in the human body, in ratio 50 % and 50%, the person, depending on his/her level and the behavior chooses his/her own balance and starts to emerge from the destiny’s system. God says: «If I see you in a lower or in a higher level, I will send you to the non-being.» Non-being means being in another place. But where and in which state? Why we can be useful and why do we become useless? In name of his/her interests the person creates for himself/herself mirages, believes in them and aggravates one’s life and the life of others. Yes, this is also probably the plan of God. «I will turn you in a fertilizer for the earth, even your spirits are worth the fertilizer.» This is the truth! People dream about the other world, but the Creator promises them the non-being on earth. Perhaps we are worth it!

Who is this, that we have never seen, heard, felt, that gave us this planet as our homeland, created the living conditions and now we ask ourselves if we need Him? What can He do? If I have 3 cars would He give me a fourth one?! Time to remember about Him and worship Him has gone. The material world has enclosed the humanity, it is confused as it would be wrapped in snares. It is possible that also this is the plan of the Creator…

The teacher said: «Do not ask God to put everyone on the right way, consider that then it may not be enough place for you, there is also a limited space.»

Let us now focus on the main goal. Many of them who don’t believe and those who believe in God and their future home. In the soul of these that speak that they believe in God – there is no sincerity and no action. And what do the people that believe in Him and dedicated their life to Him need to do? Do they need to live in this world or do they have another way?

When on the Earth appeared the humanity after Adam and Eve there was the philosophical life. Afterwards there was introduced the polytheistic system and at last humanity aims to religion through the prophets as the human strives for perfection. Now, why did this humanity allow itself the material world and started to forget God?

Interpretation 2:
  • 1) In His book, Allah, emphasizes that He is unique, was not born, and that there is none equal to Him. Devil’s thoughts may come about other worlds with other Gods…
  • 2) The God is one and there is no comparison to God, He has no needs and said: «You should only pray to me». Hence arises a question: maybe He needs something that we don’t know?

You can only find the answer to this question if you read the prayers, insightfully. If we answer to all your questions, your pursuit towards perfection would be gone.

In fact our purpose is another one.

When the earth was created its surface was covered with water. We were in our mothers’ wombs, we went out from the water to the dryness, the earth covered itself with green, we started to act but inside us blood streamed. The fight between good and bad began. Afterwards the Iron Age came. Speed increased – we live now in the information world. The 3rd period started. How long is it? We do not know. Perhaps this speed is faster and we will enter the 4th period of spiritual loss.

What is the conclusion from all this? To remain a simple observers or to create a new effective mechanism?

The development of religion, its introduction into various strata of society, its division, the intensification of confrontations, and murdering on the basis of religion – all this creates an inappropriate question: does religion or its purpose coming to an end in our time?!

Like the philosophical religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Lamaism, which lost their divine power and become the traditional ceremony of several nations, the religions developed more recently – Judaism, Christianity, Islam – acquired a political, social and consumer character, then began to lose the levels bestowed by God and generate personal interests, the struggle for wealth, for the territory, attacks and conflicts; these have a negative influence on their existence. Under the flag of these religions and for the sake of their low goals, people began to interpret the Divine Book on their own way, using it on their own interests, and thereby began to destroy their own lives.

Interpretation: 3

In the Divine book there is written that there will not be another prophet for humanity, but in the course of time Roskhuns will appear in this world and will show the Divine path and knowledge without intermediaries.

What should humanity do? Come to terms with becoming a fertilizer for the earth, or is there another way?!

Any head can go out of the loop, at least you can go back.

V. I. Lenin understood the meaning of Koran and approved three postulates from this book:

1) The motto “Learn, learn and again learn.”

2) Be in the real compromise.

3) The doctrine “Two steps forward, one step backwards.”

Developing these teachings, he managed to establish a socialist system in half of the countries of the planet.

In our technocratic period there is no way back, but just ahead. Historical lines, wisdom, man’s insight are written only to educate the book itself.

Consequently, we are striving forward physically, while for other aspects we are left behind. And at the same time, unfortunately, we are moving away from God, from the divine, shortening our lives, using it for consumer passions, creating unreasonable tranquility, unrealistic plans. Indeed, on this way, someone must become a victim, someone is forced to aimlessly use his life. But does person really not understand his purpose to come back to the Creator, otherwise he will become a mere “fertilizer” for the earth?

Interpretation: 4

The master said: “If a person is swanking, remind him where he came from and on what he is sitting on, one day he may understand this.”

In the human body, in the colon and rectum, there are from 6 to 9 kg of stool left daily. On this basis, he stays arrogant...

And again we return to our goal. If the power of religion is weakened, the person goes away from the path, according to which ideology should he live, on which divine way should he go?

It is said, that the time has changed. In fact, our way of life has changed, as well as our environment, but the Earth is still the same, the same Sun, Moon, stars and the changing of the seasons. With the technical and technological development also our body adapts. The consciousness, abilities are changing, but our actions are not enough on the divine way.

Interpretation: 5

Why among the believers there are some aggressors who are unreasonably demanding and many cases in which someone’s strayed from the path indicated by the Creator?

The reason of this is that religion cannot give an answer to the demands of the personality during its development. They want to convince everyone to Islam, but they do not make any demands on themselves. And they do not understand whether they themselves are true Muslims. As the proverb says: “Do what the mullah says, but not what he does.”

In conclusion – a person should strive for perfection.

A man was born, and all his life was occupied with the study of religion and sciences. Kindergarten, school, military service, university, etc.

Why does not man study the sciences on the divine path?

Religion is morality. This is the beginning of the path to know God. But such a conclusion is not an achievement of the purpose.

Interpretation: 6

Now would be analyzed the term religion, a.k.a. “din” (pronounced “dayn”), which means “debt”. Dayni Islam is a “special debt”. It is worth considering why it is “special” and why it is a “debt”. Religious institutions should be concerned about that...

In Islam there are still many unknown aspects. Until now, there has been little information about “ahd” – agreements between man and Allah, or four-month “hurum”, consisting of prayers. It is time to study the secret sciences – the essence of the divine books, to shed light on the information about the relationship between God and man and to make emerge the true religion.

Religion leads to the development of man only until a certain point, but what after?

The person makes religious rituals and wants to know the power of God, dreams of seeing him. Because of this the person should be of deep thoughts and long sights. What is this? This is the rejection of the negative thoughts, the change of the system of serving God, the strengthening of the inner strength and the entering into the world of zeal (dhikr). Spiritual and body health guide a person to the divine, basing on his positive actions and faith. The person acquires the ability to realize God and His power. His entity fills with feelings of the heavenly bliss. At the information level the dialogue with God is established. With the aid of the power of God, miraculous transformations are seen in the people, like the waves of a flooding river, the feeling of the creation shines in them. All this happens thanks to God, there is the opportunity to travel to the created worlds.

All existence starts to manifest in the heart and the mind of the person. By removing selfishness, the desire appears to be in the smallest particle of God. In person simultaneously activates 8 bodies. All the organs’ activities are directed towards the feeding of the two bodies, which deliver the information to God, i.e. the body of the divine thinking and the body of the divine state. The levels, exposing to change in the person’s essence needs to move completely into a constant state. If we consider the invisible rays, the divine power improves absolutely the environment, clearing it from the negative elements. Around person a system of divine protection is formed. He achieves being into non-being and non-being into being. The whole universe knows him. For him there is no heaven and no hell. With the help of the divine miracle, man gradually strengthens the impact of the cosmic phenomena. He is able to live at the level of abstraction. He is given the ability to create the being from the non-being and the non-being from the being. They are transformed into eternity and become parts of the divine world…

Interpretation: 7

Do you believe that the head can break a stone? Of course not! Before hitting the head on the stone, you must set a specific goal in front of you. And even if the goal is clear in front of us, there has to be an approach to this interpretation. We do not want anyone to change, or to give negative or positive notes with the appearance, or to listen to absurd critics. If you are angry at the height or depth of your level, you consider us guilty of harming your material world and that you showed yourself as a headless rider, if you became arrogant and stubborn because of the lack of ability to evaluate someone else’s opinion or if you are serving any secret organization and you’re throwing a stone towards our side – then you’d better not have chosen this position. The ability to be vigilant is a manifestation of wisdom!

Interpretation: 8

“If the sky is in your hands, throw it on me.” Let me be crushed and let me disappear, but with me all of you will be crushed and eventually disappear.

Interpretation: 9

Until now there has not been any state, or kingdom, or religion, or philosophy that has completely ruled on the whole Earth and none of them has been eternal. The stability can only be maintained in the relationship between man and God.

Interpretation: 10

What is in your soul? How much does our inside cost? We do everything because of our outside. We work to improve our life, our clothing, our food, to get richer, but we do not study our inner world. We do not consider whether it has any requirements. The main thing for us is the outer world. But power, inspiration, aspiration, creation – all these come from the soul! In addition, the information coming from above is stored inside us and afterwards it is transformed into action!

If we do not know where the divine power is stored, how can we accept and use it?! We believe in God, and among all, are we able to find His beauty? We do not think about this. Look for God inside you. Your own “I” is in you. There is no benefit in nonsense, unsystematic contemplation of the heaven. It is wise to find perfection in oneself, our own “I” shows the ability to control your divine power. Yes, maybe you know yourself, your physical abilities. But who has studied the spiritual, divine level? Or are we going to pass away and become a fertilizer? Just as the sky cannot be equal to the earth, so the man without perfection cannot reach God.

Interpretation: 11

On the basis of the proverb “Hang on higher, if you are going to hang yourself” many events happened, which many people do not think about.

In the physical, moral, spiritual, divine sense the greatest gallows is the divine gallows. Most probably it is not without a reason that the prophet Jesus was hung on the top of the highest place…


We ask you to listen to us and we hope that you will be able to understand it all. We do not want to hurt anyone, to insult anyone, or to command anyone. We do not want to give lectures of the religion, philosophy, to the scientists and to the ulama. We just want to show the availability of a knowledge of this level. For sure the majority do not know this system, but even though they could accept it, the external needs, the social responsibility, the job may make them to resist to this knowledge. It is impossible to fight against the divine level. We do not want to frighten you, but we want to remind you what also God told with His prophets “tell them”. It is better to stay neutral.

Self-confidence, self-will, career is all yours, but the ability to understand, to listen, to believe is nowadays more valuable than gold and diamonds.

Let God give you a new, better, higher level in order to eliminate self-will, selfishness, pride. He is and He is great.

Interpretation: 12

The prophet Jesus said: “Be perfect, as my father.” We know who is he talking about, but the perfection he is mentioning makes us think, and makes us work on ourselves tirelessly, to achieve the spiritual perfection and eventually to make us content with the image and the power of God.

Interpretation: 13

Once I got into a taxi and the drive began to talk with a smile on his face:

“I know you’re from the “Katron” school. What are you teaching there?”

“To be a human…” I answered.

The driver remained speechless for several minutes and then he smiled to me:

“I am impressed. Nowadays there are really a few real humans. There are many institutions to make people for different professions, but none of them makes a real human. Thank you. You won even against such an eloquent person as I am.”

Interpretation: 14

The needs of the animals are satisfied with the food given by people, but their wishes for more can be stopped.

Also the material and other needs of the person are limited. A human cannot consume too much: there is not enough money, the person becomes ill, he/she closes in oneself, and eventually dies.

Religious spiritual need is the most dangerous process if a person falls under its influence. Apart from food and other mundane needs, the wish for “great” aspirations are awakening in it – to become the head of the state, to have autocracy, to heartlessly subordinate everyone to one’s “laws”, to establish same rules to everyone; a person begins to consider himself as a prophet and even dares to be called God. This is the highest ego.

Mankind is now experiencing on Earth a third information level. People still live in the mirage of endless conflicts, or quarrels and wars and do not think about the question: who are we, what are we living for, where is the last frontier, whom and where will everything be ended?

Interpretation: 15

Why do the earthly needs intensify? The main reason is the weakening of the person’s thinking, the second one is that the competition in needs is increased on a global scale among the governments, societies, families and people. The quote “Why am I worse than you?” destroys the inner peace of the person and at the same time it creates the feeling of envy, which is transformed into a method of anti-information, i.e. through negative prayers it has influence on each other.

The enhancement of such negative information in the cosmos and around us, has not bad effects only on the person’s organism but also on the development of everyone, it cuts down the basis of happiness for families and the future of the individuality.

Only one language, philosophy and the divine essence can protect the person from anxiety. This is the ability to live with faith in God, in His power and light. A person has to leave the illusory state and plunge into the real world of open thinking.

In our time there is everything. A person can achieve many material benefits, but with the expiration of time his health is undermined, life is deteriorating, happiness is leaving. You cannot exchange life for money and wealth, because the manager of the life is not a human being and the essence of the human body belongs to Him. He observes and controls from another dimension and space. This is the Creator of eternity, the Owner of the owners, the Creator of the creators, He is the Truth, the Creator-Ilah. It is now time to open your eyes, to set a positive thinking. It is possible to believe in nothing, but you have to believe in God and worship Him, even without knowing this!

Regardless of what you say, and even if your needs are from the devil, you cannot control the earth, the sky and all what exists. Because without Him – without God – you are nobody. Without Him you cannot influence neither your family, your wife, your husband, your children nor grandchildren. Or it would be only a temporary phenomenon. You will die, you will soon be forgotten and your empire will collapse. Because of the lack of faith in God, you will leave on the earth with confusion and uncertainty and as a result of this you bring others to a mirage.

Now let’s take a deeper insight to this topic.

Form and strengthen your inner world with faith in God.

We grow up sons and daughters with good hopes. We give birth to them dreaming that they would develop into good people that would bring benefits to the country, to the humanity, to take care of the family and of us, when we would reach an older age. Sincerely speaking, in the relationship with our children, we provide certain plans and our own needs.

Now let’s think about it more broadly. God created man and all the conditions for his needs. We started to live in this world literally as in paradise. All our needs are met.

And what do we do for Him? How do we respond to the benefits He has created?! You are offended if your child does not help you, if he forgets you… but we just remember Him from time to time, sometimes we think about Him, in fact we do not do anything, and we even do not believe in Him.

Some people even say: “He has already created paradise in this world, what kind of paradise can God gives else?”

Masters said: “Time will come, when you will have to pay even for the free things, so do not have any debts.”

When and how will we pay Him all the debts? Does He really give everything for nothing, without demanding anything in return…?!

No. The essence of this question can be obtained only at the divine level…!

With the advent of the computer technology the level of information has changed, as well as the interests and the aspirations of mankind. People surrendered to science, technic and technology, to consumer inventions and they moved away from the religious sciences and the divine thinking. The level of our thinking and understanding gradually diminished and thinned. This is comparable with the onset of the crisis of the human society. True religion, divine books are rapidly going into history.

The reason for this is a decrease in the level of people’s consciousness, the inability to understand each other and the lack of use of human needs.

What to do? Does it mean to forget God or to use His name everywhere as a motto?!

The divine books were given to the prophet with the aim to bring a person to a certain level. At such a level of thinking, it is expected that divine system would be formed. So, at this point, it is appropriate to note that the divine books do not give all the knowledge and the secrets. They indicate directions how to get faith and how to serve the basis for the formation of the principles of morality.

In the information era, the availability of the scientific knowledge does not matter, because this knowledge is not at the cellular level.

What should a person do if, apart from the divine books, he does not know about the availability of the divine information?

Pay attention, sitting at the computer, we have the opportunity to obtain information in one second from France. This information is not visible, not tangible, but it exists.

The divine information, therefore, is around us and awaits us to take it.

What is needed for this? Perfection, perfection in the human soul!

A person should develop the ability similar to a computer, to receive information from the free ether, to process it and use it in practice.

And for this the person should rise to the level of divine inspiration. And only this way, without any intermediaries, a person can receive information from God.

God expects from us this process, that we reach this level. We, instead, are still occupied with the building of the house for the unborn grandchild, we pursue luxury, because this is our level and we create it ourselves.

Recently it has become fashionable to use the term “divine”. The words “divine music”, “divine thinking”, “divine work” cannot be heard anymore. It is unacceptable to talk about this level without understanding the meaning of God. Allah did not create a divine system in the human soul. Such a system does not exist in a finished form. A person can achieve this by overcoming difficulties for a long time, creating oneself another nature, that is, a divine nature. But humanity has not reached yet the divine level.

Mankind lives in the spiritual world, at the level of the spiritual state.

Humanity will possess divine works and music only if it can transform itself into a nature able to receive the divine information, the divine level and power that come from God. And in fact such inventions are not necessary.

Interpretation: 16

Every day more than 100 visitors come to me. Recently a rather interesting understanding has spread among them.

Many people say: “I believe in Allah, but I am not religious. I feel Him by heart, and I talk with Him.”

What is this? Has the level of man’s thinking raised or are people tired of intermediaries? I think that the former and the latter are reasonable.

In Europe religion is confused with the good and the right lifestyle. Religion is acquiring an unacceptable part to the society. The word “God” has been removed from the modern dictionaries.

To great regret humanity is given to external perfection. The scientific level is passing into a system that generates profit. The desire for erudition, for theology is being extinguished. Mankind is following the path of its transformation into robots and mechanisms. This is not, indeed, a long process. Everything will change…

Peace and prosperity in the society do not only provide economic and social development, but they also create favorable condition for the development of the thinking for the whole society, while for the individual, the reception of the inspiration and power from God. The mind, the heart, the body cannot be satisfied only with food for the stomach, they need another type of food. This food should be looked for by reasoning and thinking. A satiated stomach will tomorrow want food again, but if you receive food for thinking, this one is not changing and it is able to lead the world.

Information that is necessary to forget

Healed people and those who are engaged in health prevention have been asking me for many years:

- Why haven’t you promoted yourself during your 41-year work as a doctor?

- There are several reasons for this. First: the best advertising is a cured patient. Nothing is better than this. Second: even without advertisement there are many patients and their flow is increasing. Third: advertising in the medical system is not a grateful thing, different people come, even non-believers. We do not have always time.

- People with serious illnesses who have lost their hope for life turn to you. We are aware that at your level you know who will live and who will die, but you accept everyone without exception. Why?

- In my 41-year-old career I received more than 10 million people. But one case changed my mind. I was young and a seriously ill person was brought to me. I examined him and realized that his time has come. When they took him away I ripped off the sheet of paper where his diagnosis was written. I was amazed when, three months later, I saw him healthy and strong and he came to me to express his gratitude. Then I realized that I am nothing. Everything depends on God.

Every person, before leaving this world has to purify his mortal body. I treat them and cleanse their etheric body, because life will continue in another world. To extend a person’s life even for one day is a big deal. During this time the person remembers God, evaluates his life, realizes the mistakes, asks for forgiveness and gives useful advice to the relatives.

- During your 41-years long activity, have you ever asked for help the society, the people, and did you benefit from it?

- Honestly, I do not want to complain or ask for help because the people themselves need help.

- Now I will ask you another question, even if not fair. Why in the period 2007 – 2014, when you were harassed by the press, by the state bodies, you were judged, imprisoned, even if you have not done anything bad to them, let’s say not in large scale but you continued your activities?

- I can speak a lot about this topic, but there will not be many benefits. The reason for everything was a kindergarten that I bought on Ivlev Street. “The leaders” of that time simply decided to take it away from me and accused me of all their sins. They obtained their purpose. But “that girl” did not get the kindergarten either. From this we can conclude: from “another” being they took the way into the non-being.

- Time has changed. Maybe now your hopes will come true. The new president is making big changes. Maybe…

- At my age it would be wrong to make big plans. And I think that at my level asking something would mean taking distance from the divine feelings. Let everyone have all the best! And the One that helps me is known …

Wake up in the early morning, the sun is shining, it means that the world exists. If we feel the breath in ourselves, then we are alive. To realize what kind of happiness it is, to offer gratitude to God, which is connected to our level and to our thinking. Seek for the Creator-Ilah, perfection is waiting for you. Let the good deeds, the prayers, the divine delight accompany you!

Welcome to the divine territory, to the divine world!

With the wishes for the secret knowledge, the prayers
and the divine world,
Nuru Nursafardiy.
La ilaha illalloh!

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