Traditional national values and “Qatron sufi school of perfection”

Tashkent 2006
Nuru Nursafardiy
Brochures Release year: 2006 Date of allocation: Apr 25, 2018
Purity is the bud of the Divinity,
Faith is its sprout,
Patience is its bloom,
Perfection is its fruit,
Power is its trunk,
And the truth is its roots.
Sheikh Nursafardiy
Our deeds are ones of a human development
not technical, chemical, political
or any other kind.

The Turk’s land is a sacred area, the motherland of great saints. It is said that it is this place where God has put his eye on. It is our duty to cherish the earth of this land, our national traditions and customs, to keep the historical treasures in such a clear state, that the future generation receives them with no changes. We owe it and this is our duty. Only a person who is physically healthy and mentally strong can have a warm feeling for his motherland and protect the mortal valuables. The protection of national traditions, opening of their new beautiful sides, their modernization and improvement is very important. And also, the fact that “Qatron Sufi School of Perfection” was established, is a necessary spiritual need for our land. This special place, which holds the worldly and the spiritual values in itself, means that the personal development rises much higher, and the development of thought develops on a high level. To keep and protect human features, national cultural aspects in their pure state, is the main aim in “Qatron Sufi School of Perfection”. Fourteen courses of studies in the school, the source for theoretical and practical knowledge call the person only towards the perfection, and increase his divinity level to a higher stage.

This school, which has fulfilled the need of people was called “Qatron Sufi School of Perfecton”. Why? Of course there are some special reasons for this. Qatron is a very rare type of tree. It mainly grows in mountain areas of Central Asia. The local population sees this tree as something truly divine. Meaning that while they respect it, they also make some special talismans or “chyotki” and believe that those have special power. The talisman is hung to nice places as protection against the “bad eye”, given to outstanding children and especially also to strong horses and their masters, when they compete in the game of “kupkari”. There are many different legends about the power and hidden features of these talismans. The Qatron tree is different from all other trees, because it never changes during four seasons, it is very beautiful and clean. It is easily noticeable even inside a thick bush, and this means that it holds a special energetic light, and photosynthesis feature. Whoever touches the Qatron tree can feel that he receives some new power inside himself. Thus the name of the school was carefully chosen. It should be our aim to become as strong and as spiritually powerful as the Qatron tree, and this should be the objective for every person.

Sufi, is a person who connects the soul with the impressive, borderless source in the world of spirituality. This means that the one who trains the soul and the mind is really divine. Sufi is the Sun of the world of spirituality as he brightens the hearts with his light. In fact the objective of the school is to collect students who are eager for knowledge, who wish to quench their thirsty hearts with the water of knowledge, who know that knowledge is prosperity.

A university - the house of knowledge

It is known that the world is rapidly developing, stage after stage. As well as our dear motherland, which is going on the path of great developments, after it has gained independence. Its progress is seen in the economic and cultural life of our nation. Nowadays, our state has its own driving power and respect, facts that have been accepted in the whole world. Any country, whether it is developed or not, has its national mentality, roots, customs, historical and cultural heritage. And keeping in mind the rapid speed of the modern development, we may consider that keeping our ancestors’ unforgettable customs consistent is becoming one of the major issue of these days. Cultural heritage, traditions and customs are the mirror of a nation. We especially draw attention to our inherited historical and cultural traditions, particular customs, which were always of great interest to foreign fans. May be the reason for this is the way of thinking of our people, the perfection of a deep rooted good behavior, shyness, generosity and humanity in general. As our land is on the path of development, we are the ones who are responsible for the loyalty of our young generation to the cultural, historical heritage, our special and fine traditions and customs.

Where does the need for “Qatron Sufi School of Perfection” come from? The first reason for this is the need to save and keep our beautiful and rich spiritual values, to keep up our customs in a world where the technology and techniques are rapidly developing, to simultaneously develop them and to open new features while leaving them to the coming generation. The second need and reason is to grow the personal, human development, thinking. To bring out the scarce hidden powers, to grow a personality in a perfect, complete way increasing physical and spiritual talents.

The feeling about the motherland is weak in a person who is not perfect. In such a state, there is a big possibility to find people who are careless to the national values. Also, in times of high technologies, fast technical development, we should not allow a careless opinion to overflow us. It is not appropriate to let people look at their national traditions as an old fashioned, useless and cheap side of a nation. We should prevent such an opinion to exist. If we look to the activities and history of some countries, we will easily understand and see the outcomes of such an arrogant behavior. Firstly we may see such condition in Europe. While spending twelve years of my life in European countries, I came to the conclusion, that the change of the time, meaning the modernization of life, including new technologies in people’s everyday life, and when the state enters a highly developed banking system makes people and generations slowly loose their traditions, customs and habits. And the interesting fact is that they did not notice how during half a century, the population became that eager for money and financial aspects of their life, that they forgot their culture, traditions, dances, writers and poets or the culture of dressing. When I spoke to some people working in a field of culture and who have influence in Europe, they told me that this process happened in a rather fast way. They expressed their concern that people never noticed how a new accepted value would erase historical customs. And now, as a result, people who have reached the state where they are at the peak of modern culture, they are beginning to search for their historical customs and values. This does not bring any positive result because if one does not pay any attention to the national traditions in time no devoted people will be available to preserve the valuable heritage. Many people who were trying to go and live in America or other countries, were dreaming about modern life. The interest for technology, computer and other high tech was so high, that establishment of cultural protection centers were neglected. Unfortunately this is the reason for the development of a highly uncomfortable philosophy. For example, in Europe, every year a new kind of philosophy comes out as a fashion wave. We can see the development of yoga, then Buddhism, we notice that after the development of Hinduism its place was taken by Buddhism. Then again Tibet started “calling” and people’s wish grew to go and live there. This means that their society is surrounded by various and mixed philosophies. Everybody listens to his own desires. The philosophy and religion is sort of a fashion there, which is there today, and might disappear tomorrow, and another one comes instead. The way of thinking of those people is spoilt. Because of this spoiling, none of those people believe in any philosophy or religion, and none of them rush towards it. While talking to those people I came to know, that if they like the philosophy today, they will be busy with it today. And if a new philosophy comes to the world tomorrow, they will be more interested in the new one. This means that the food for their soul, the development of their internal world has completely stopped. They are unable to enter the inner world. They work on themselves only for their understanding, to spend their time, to make their lifestyles a bit more interesting and not to fall into depression tomorrow. But they can not believe in working on some deeper process, because there is a mess in the philosophy and customs around them. For example, when we see a person dressed up in an indian costume, or when we see a sacrifice act in Buddhism, or a person in a state of yoga, everywhere there is a feeling that it will pass and be over. So why is it so difficult for them to include a real philosophy into their thinking, for example some thoughts of Sufism? Because most of them believe that it is the new flow of fashion, which they need to study. This of course becomes a reason for a given nation to loose their concrete customs.

While in Europe some pure habits are being lost at the time when new and different and changing philosophies or religious values are being accepted, let us have a look at the opposite side China. China historically was not a very developed country. Due to the size of its population, it has gone through some difficult times and was far behind in its development. This state was more prominent during the socialistic period, when especially food problem has raised many difficulties. But nevertheless, they tried to keep their traditions, customs, costumes and art. No matter what, choreography, dances, music or martial art – the historical heritage was saved.

But China has now come to a collapsing period, when rapid developments took place there and with this development the European state also entered China and brought its harmful influence. For example Chinese people moved to America and learned new technologies there. Those who lived in Europe and America and returned to their country tried to show their loyalty and develop their country, and still are developing. And now look at the modern China. What kind of a developed country it became! They are conducting space research and space work. It is filling up the whole world with ready made goods and raw materials. It is raising its financial level, but still its culture has not been lost. The first reason for this is the opening and establishment of centers which work on preserving traditions and handicrafts. One of the most well known of such centers is the Shaolin School which is operating since the XI century. This school has incorporated the philosophic religion, dance and choreography, and step by step the martial art. And they were enriching this during the centuries. The state did not try to terminate it, on the other hand, it has helped by all the means and collected the whole Chinese culture into it. During a time when culture in China has reached a modern point, the state is using the Shaolin school as a fresh source. And this has had a great influence and helped the nation to remain with the traditions and customs, and to develop them as a basis for the nation.

We can see a similar picture in Japan. The existence of about twenty different types of martial art, choreography, national dance universities has helped in developing the historical traditions and customs inside this system and it is still being developed. We should praise the fact that even nowadays there are about twenty operating karate universities. They teach not only martial art, but also some other martial systems, customs and strategies which are already forgotten in other countries. The life is showing that such schools are more than necessary. Because such values are lost in Europe, it faces a philosophic and spiritual collapse.

After Uzbekistan has gained its independence, the process of development is being continued. Our people have higher and higher interest for foreign countries like America, European countries, Russia. Also, here are some, who would like to live there. In this case, whether they want it or not, they will loose their cultural level. Therefore, when they come back after a certain time, they will bring back part of another culture. And this new type of culture might become a reason for cultural confusion in the future. So, not to let their new culture deeply influence us, we have to establish and open universities and schools on the territory of Uzbekistan, which will work on preserving our traditions and culture. In this sense, opening of “Qatron Sufi School of Perfection” is an important necessity.

If we will look back into the history, we will see that Sufi schools existed during former times also, and different meetings and gatherings were held there. For example, a school of Hoja Akhmad Yassavi teachings, school programs invented by Naqshbandi, the works of Najmiddin Kubro school show that the customs are not only religion (now we mainly tend to consider old traditions as a religion), but the national culture, the art of dressing up, life styles, Sufi life style, they are till today tightly connected with our modern uzbek life styles.

If such a school is opened in modern Uzbekistan, it will satisfy various needs. First of all, most of our dancing troupes have collapsed and are lost already. In this situation, our choreography will become poor step by step. To stop this, it is important to open centers which will find dances which are still hidden in the mountains, find national games, children’s games, collect them, develop and put into a system, and of course use them in practice. It is time to create this type of center. It will be necessary to collect our national traditions, no matter if they originate from today’s Uzbekistan, Central Asia or Turk countries and to include them into the main program of “Qatron Sufi School of Perfection”.

What is the aim of Nursafardiy?

Our first objective is: Our deeds are ones of a human development not technical, chemical, political or any other kind. All the collections of sciences are focused on the growing of thinking, education of the soul, perfection of the humanity, becoming the one who would be noticed by Allah the Almighty and possessing the divine power.

Our second objective is: To protect ourselves, to keep the national values, to care for customs which are being forgotten, to recollect and develop the national games and dances.

Our third objective is: To search for lost sides of our national traditions, to open and spread the new sides and develop the handicrafts.

Our fourth objective is: To examine the basis for human values, to deeply feel the world around us, to master foreign languages, be aware of culture, traditions and customs.

Our fifth objective is: To bring up the youth in a perfect, healthy way, to teach them the lessons of perfection, to prepare them for an independent life.

Our sixth objective is: To give lessons on the behavior, human duties, and to pay attention on the development of thinking and understanding.

Our seventh objective is: To form a viewpoint based on Sufism, religious and worldly sciences.

In “Qatron Sufi School of Perfection”, the main study program is based on religious science, hidden knowledge science and worldly science; programs of Nursafardiyya teachings. Because the basis for the creation of this school, is the world of mysticism, the pure feelings and deeds are directly connected to the divinity.

What is included in the curriculum of “Qatron Sufi School of Perfection”?

These studying subjects comprehend fourteen directions in one program.

1. To do Sufi martial art. This is an art of fighting against oneself in order to keep the soul in a perfect condition, and to keep the person and the body in a pure state. It is a subject which teaches how to continuously work on oneself and the secrets of increasing the inner power level.

2. Sufi Medicine. This subject deals with the secrets of medicine, the ways of keeping the body healthy and the use of useful natural herbs, how to protect oneself against the appearance of illnesses, how to identify them, how to cure them.

3. Sufi Gymnastics. This subject teaches how to get rid of physical tiredness, how to take care of muscles, flexibility, how to be more plastic, how to win the spiritual pressure, how to leave the body free, how to create a beautiful body, how to improve the physical state of the body. It teaches a specific set of movements based on fix programs.

4. Sufi breathing system. This subject teaches how to breathe in, breathe out, to hold the breath, some rules on breathing correctly. It also teaches the way and place of breathing during the prayer, its state, the influence of air patters on the body.

5. Prayer in Sufism. It is a study and a subject about the way how to repeat the names of Allah. How to praise Him, thank Him, increase the power system, the position during the prayer, the times, rules of the prayer, the features of secrets connected with the divine world.

6. Sufi life style. This subject looks upon the outstanding people of mysticism like sheikhs, who live now and those who lived in the past, their books on the divine and worldly knowledge, looks on their life styles, and implementing their relationship into the life.

7. Sufi literature and poetry. This subject teaches how to enjoy the knowledge and the fruit of inspiration of the divine scientists on the way of Allah, to believe that this world is going to end, and try to collect all the positive things in our soul, the essence of the works, the influence of the poetry to the personal thinking, the directions in the creation.

8. The Holy Koran in Sufism. This subject teaches the rules of proper reading of the Holy Koran, how to learn it by heart, the secrets of sharpening the thoughts. It also shows, how the soul becomes completely perfect on the basis of hidden knowledge and the ways of entering the spirituality.

9. Music in Sufism. This subject is about the place of music in mysticism, its essence, national music, its influence to the life of a person, its forms, its history and historical basement.

10. Sufi Choreography. This subject examines the historical system of movements and teaches how to study the dances and movements in Sufism, the ways they were created, their importance, national games and songs.

11. Art handicrafts in Sufism. There are three types of handicrafts: 1. The art of writing (calligraphy); 2.Wood cutting; 3. Drawing of ornaments on dishes. This subject examines the historical writings, the secrets of the ornaments in handicrafts, writing and drawing techniques used by dear saints, their features and their influence.

12. Cosmetology in Sufism. This subject teaches how to keep in a good health not only the external looks but the inner organs of the organism also, as they may cause the distraction of the looks. How to search for the internal, hidden diseases. It also teaches that it is important to protect the internal activities of the organism to provide a good look for the body.

13. Philosophy of Sufism. This subject deals with the science of different ways of thinking, the ideas of Sufis, different points of view on the end and eternal life, the desire to be closer to the One and the joy one feels if one does.

14. The gift of Sufism and the hidden knowledge. This subject is about the secrets of entering the world of spirits, the sources to be searched to get the power from the Almighty, the set of secret sciences hidden in the Suras and ayats of the Holy Koran, the essence of the gifts of Sufism, hidden knowledge.

Sufism is a beautiful source. Its ideas are focused only on kindness, perfection and completeness. A person, a human being should be able to look after himself, to work on himself, to manage his own body, to possess it, to breed it, and to bring it to a perfect state. Of course it is not possible to reach the goal without difficulties. We have to be more patient, faithful, enthusiastic and of course we have to believe. The “Qatron Sufi School of Perfection” will teach its students to be patient, brave and strong, proud and loyal to their motherland, to serve their nation, to be kind, generous, gentle, to be loyal to the Only One. We called the school a castle of perfection, which means that it holds all the features of real humanity. Our program is a practical one. No matter what – whether it is medicine, choreography or martial art, we have to try to implement it into life, and to open some new sides of Sufism to people. Of course such programs do bring uncountable benefits to people and influence the development of mind, thinking, soul and inner powers.

Our deeds are the fruits of our land, our own philosophy. Thanks God, other philosophies, like the idol worshipping for example are not that many in Uzbekistan. I believe that the reason for this is our lifestyle, our philosophy and the strong sides of our traditions. This process has a great role, meaning that it helps not to divide thinking into two or three parts. In Uzbekistan other philosophies could not develop. The reason for this is our attentiveness to our customs, as we always kept looking after them and thus a positive situation came into existence. Of course it was meant to be so. In future life, changes will happen anyway and we have to answer to these changes properly. Here it is necessary to note that after the independence, many things have changed. In many parts of the world one may not speak about Sufism, Sufi schools, Sufi features openly. Thanks God, in independent Uzbekistan, our thinking is open-minded enough, we can see and freely say that Sufism is in the basis of our philosophy and it is deeply and directly connected with our life style. In the past there were years it was completely impossible to speak about this. On one hand people would not understand it, and on another hand, the religion would be against it. Even during Naqshbandi’s period, the philosophy of Sufism could not be discussed openly. It was approached as one part of religion and it always grew this way, but no one would say that this was a Sufis teaching. Also in the works of Alisher Navoi, it is not possible to find the word Sufi but the poet described the internal feelings of a Sufi using the “Language of Birds”. In many other historical works we can notice the same thing. And the way towards Sufism was opened today in Uzbekistan, thanks God.

If we look to the history again, in the book about Amir Temur’s life, written by Marcel Bureau and published in New York, USA, we can see such words: When Amir Temur met a Sufi, he was so impressed by his knowledge, by his memory, as he was reading the Holy Koran by heart and by his kindness, so he decided to put an effort to the development of Sufism. He says that there is a strong knowledge in Sufism, which has to be announced openly. And when he said so, the Sufi asked him: “Who are you?” And Amir Temur answers: “I am the King of this land.” And the Sufi replied to this answer: “It means that you are no one, and you have no power. It has to be done by the Sufi himself. If he doesn’t want to, if the divine power doesn’t let him there is no way.” And ending his words, Sufi says : “The time will come, and this will become true. Sufism will be necessary to increase the level of humanity, and later on, it will come to the world from our generation and will become a science, a normal philosophy”.

At this point we might be asked a natural question. What is the real reason for “Qatron Sufi School of Perfection” to develop the sciences this much? Isn’t the religion itself enough? For what reason during this time should we openly explain Sufism, why openly explain some hidden sciences? What is the reason? Maybe people are not ready for this yet? No, now people have reached the state, where they continuously develop themselves trying to get out of the frame of time. It means it is a time where they need new information, news, philosophies and new peaks. The people have used their mind and brain given by the Almighty, and learned the Holy Koran, understood the religious philosophy and the life inside themselves. The learning process has become so fast due to technical development, technologies and computer systems. But to open the inner powers, or in other words, to enter into the positive information sphere of a person, it is more difficult and the powers which we hold are not enough. It means that the person now will need a deeper strength system to allow higher levels of power into the person. This system is Sufism. This will open deeper entrances into the organism, it will develop the level of divinity in the person, will keep its soul in a fresh condition. This will raise a person onto a higher stage, it will allow to deal with new activities, positive and useful deeds. This point was discussed in a previous book called “Qatron Sufi School of Perfection” in detail. This is why it is not discussed here deeply anymore.

Endless thanks to the Creator, we are much satisfied with the job we have started. Thirteen years of work were not fruitless. Working with the medicine we assisted so many hopeless patients and they started to live normally. They are still thankful to us. During present time, we try to develop not only the field of medicine, but also a set of sciences in fourteen fields. Today I can gladly say that I could manage to open a School of Sufi Tabib, based on the knowledge and experience of these years. Now it is required to open and develop some other features of Sufism, not only the medicine. We are continuously in search of ways for implementing out work into practice. One of the most important and number one objectives established during the past years, is to open our own practical school. We have started this work in Jizzah city, the place of our great ancestors. So, the main aim of this school is to bring up the youth as complete and perfect people, who are able to use the knowledge and experience given to them in any possible situation and condition. The main task of this school is to grow up a feeling for the motherland in their hearts, to grow an interest for our traditions and customs, national games and handicrafts, to make them aware of religious and worldly knowledge, to make them perfectly clever, physically healthy and strong, and through the national esthetics, make them complete people. As main activities of “Qatron Sufi School of Perfection”, we will promote the mentioned fourteen fields of studies.

The future of “Qatron Sufi School of Perfection” is great and it will have a great role in preparing and growing good specialists for the country.

We have great hopes for “Qatron Sufi School of Perfection”. Let us wish the school the greatest success. The only desire and hope we have is that the graduates of this school will become the ones who will strive for keeping the independence, be truthful to the traditions and customs of our land, and serve their motherland as good children.

Let The Creator assist us in the job we started, be kind to us and protect us always.

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