The present fragment of the text is taken from the works in 30 volumes of "The Divine Philosophy of Nursafardiyya", book-1, pp. 2-8

Announcements Date of allocation: Apr 6, 2020

Towards Divine!

Instructions for those who look for the divine in the flawless perfection – in the divine, for the non-being – in the being, for the being – in the non-being

The level and the place in the divine world is waiting for you

The final result of the humanity is already defined by the Creator in the moment of creation.

The body, the essence, the spirit and the divine are inseparably connected with each other, their level and perfection depend on the person, his/her inner culture, activities and conscience, relation with the Creator.

If we take into account how a human is created – the availability of eighteen thousand elements, the lymph system, the extension from 8 to 12 km, the daily blood renewal from 300 to 700 mL, and feeding with it the God creation of 8 bodies of the human being, increasing or decreasing the uric acid in the blood, negative or positive enrichment of the lymph system, the cells, etc. and all outside and inside in the inner processes is controlled by God in the name of perfection, we are not able to understand how the person would be, since his/her birth: rich or poor, happy or unhappy, leader or simple person, with long or short life.

Interpretation: 1

First. There are factors that may influence the skills and the success of the person:

1) Enrichment of the microflora in the colon;

2) Reduced uric acid in the blood;

3) Uniqueness of the information in the lymph system that works on the blood;

4) Impact of the spleen on these processes;

5) Non-standard information for the spiritual level.

Second. There are 4 levels in the person:

1) Physical – works with the water system of the body;

2) Physiological – the body is activated by the blood system;

3) Informative – the information in the lymph system. Accordingly its length is 12 km in women and 8 km in men. Therefore, boys should be given independece and responsibility at 8 years of age, while 12 years for girls;

4) Spiritual – connected with the person’s cells.

The person goes through these levels during his/her lifespan. From 9 to 11 months in the mother’s womb, until 25 years it is in the blood system, until 80 it is in the lymph system, after 80 it is in the cells’ system. This is the preparation for the other world.

Third. Everyday from 300 mL to 700 mL of new blood appears in the human body. The human essence, as mentioned before, is made up of 8 bodies: physical, physiological, ethereal, astral, mental, abstract thinking, spiritual thinking and finally the spiritual state. The old, used blood or the one enriched with the information from the whole body transforms into other elements, it is transferred to the higher bodies. Interesting, but what is given to God – the bodies with the enriched blood!!? More about this later…

Fourth. In his/her life cycle the person has three positive-negative information:

1) Fate given by God;

2) Heredity information passed from the ancestors;

3) Information collected in daily life.

The person needs to accept all these three information in order to achieve perfection.

Fifth. People are not aware in which period they live.

Before our time there was the ice age, the stone age and so on. What period is it now? In the 20th century Professor Zalmanov claimed in his unrepeatable and rather incomprehensible manuscripts that the 21st century would be the information period and the lymph system of the person’s body would go to the third level.

Sixth. For balance of the person’s fate, God distributed the positive and the negative, the good and the bad, the heat and the cold in the human body, in ratio 50 % and 50%, the person, depending on his/her level and the behavior chooses his/her own balance and starts to emerge from the destiny’s system. God says: «If I see you in a lower or in a higher level, I will send you to the non-being.» Non-being means being in another place. But where and in which state? Why we can be useful and why do we become useless? In name of his/her interests the person creates for himself/herself mirages, believes in them and aggravates one’s life and the life of others. Yes, this is also probably the plan of God. «I will turn you in a fertilizer for the earth, even your spirits are worth the fertilizer.» This is the truth! People dream about the other world, but the Creator promises them the non-being on earth. Perhaps we are worth it!

Who is this, that we have never seen, heard, felt, that gave us this planet as our homeland, created the living conditions and now we ask ourselves if we need Him? What can He do? If I have 3 cars would He give me a fourth one?! Time to remember about Him and worship Him has gone. The material world has enclosed the humanity, it is confused as it would be wrapped in snares. It is possible that also this is the plan of the Creator…

The teacher said: «Do not ask God to put everyone on the right way, consider that then it may not be enough place for you, there is also a limited space.»

Let us now focus on the main goal. Many of them who don’t believe and those who believe in God and their future home. In the soul of these that speak that they believe in God – there is no sincerity and no action. And what do the people that believe in Him and dedicated their life to Him need to do? Do they need to live in this world or do they have another way?

When on the Earth appeared the humanity after Adam and Eve there was the philosophical life. Afterwards there was introduced the polytheistic system and at last humanity aims to religion through the prophets as the human strives for perfection. Now, why did this humanity allow itself the material world and started to forget God?